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Opportunity: BIOINFORMATICS Engineer @ Vanderbilt University Center for Human Genetics Research--Nashville, TN (US)
Submitted by David Sexton; posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010
The Computational Genomics Core (CGC) is seeking a Bioinformatics Systems Engineer to join our team. The CGC brings together a talented team of developers, Windows/Linux administrators, and statistical analysts with expertise in supporting the collection and study of both clinical and genetic data. The core provides a wide range of services to investigators on and off campus ranging from web development, method development, computational resources, data coordination, scripting, and statistical genetic analysis.

- Providing analysis and data processing from mid to high-throughput genotyping technologies
- Developing and maintaining analysis workflow and reporting tools
- Handling large datasets in high performance computing environment
- Identifying and participating in training, education and development activities to improve and develop knowledge-base and skill set

- This position requires a Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences, Computer Science, or Mathematics.
- Experience with vendor provided genotyping software such as Illumina GenomeStudio, Karyostudio, and/or the Affymetrix Genotyping Console program
- Experience with scripting in Perl, Bash and/or other scripting languages in a Linux environment
- Ability to work well with others as part of a team to coordinate the flow of data within and across organizations
- Broad knowledge of biology, especially genetics

- Data coordination and experience with consortia projects
- Ability to use Microsoft Excel and related applications
- Experience with SQL/PLSQL
- Experience with Expression and Copy Number Variation (CNV) technologies

LOCALE: Nashville, TN

Please visit:

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