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    Opportunity: BIOINFORMATICIAN II @ Translational Genomics Research Institute--Phoenix, AZ (US)
    Submitted by Brady Young; posted on Monday, November 22, 2010


    The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a non-profit biomedical research institute based in Phoenix, Arizona, focused on research that can help patients with cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes and other debilitating conditions. Working with a worldwide network of collaborators in the scientific and medical communities, TGen researchers study the genetic components of both common and complex diseases. Through genomic analysis, we learn how DNA, genes and proteins – the microscopic building block of life – can affect human health. Our 41 lead investigators and nearly 300 support personnel at sites in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Flagstaff, Arizona, are dedicated to improving patient care and quality of life through precision medicine, best defined as the right therapy, for the right patient, at the right time.


    TGen is looking for an experienced and highly motivated Bioinformatician to play a highly visible and key role in the newly established Collaborative Bioinformatics Center (CBC).

    This is a terrific opportunity to be a part of multiple translational research projects by applying bioinformatics skills for several cutting edge technologies, such as Next-generation sequencing, genotyping, etc. The successful applicant will deliver bioinformatics and data processing solutions to support investigators by applying/developing software tools, identifying and integrating relevant data sources, automating repetitive tasks by building customized workflows, annotating data by mining diverse biological datasets, translating prototype tools into more mature tools suitable for wider usage or release to the scientific community, etc.
    • Working closely with scientists and their staff to understand the research problem, data processing requirements, and project-specific bioinformatics analysis needs
    • Developing, applying, and providing custom bioinformatics solutions for a wide-variety of data generated from sequencing, genotyping, gene expression, pathways, CGH, etc., technologies
    • Analyzing data, evaluating results, and effectively presenting them to researchers and building custom analysis workflows for project specific needs
    • Integrating various genomic, proteomics, and other biomedical databases and providing custom tools for querying and mining relevant information
    • Developing, deploying, prototyping algorithms and utilizing TGen's clustered computing resources for large-scale data analysis
    • Researching emerging data analysis tools, trends, and technologies and recommend appropriate bioinformatics analysis approaches


    • Masters Degree (3+ years relevant experience) or Ph.D. (1+ year of relevant experience) in Computer Science, Computational Biology, or related field with appropriate background in bioinformatics
    • Proven record in working with scientists in a research driven environment and developing bioinformatics solutions relevant to their research
    • Demonstrable experience in applying a wide-variety of open-source/commercial software tools for various biomedical data processing needs
    • Strong background in software development/application in wide variety of programming languages including Java, C++, C#,C, Perl, Python, etc.
    • Substantial experience with data analysis and data transfer/parsing/management using command-line Linux/UNIX/Mac OS X platforms and shell scripting
    • Experience with statistical analysis using R, MATLAB, etc.
    • Demonstrable experience in utilizing publicly available sources, such as NCBI Entrez, UCSC, etc., for applying, annotating, and querying biomedical data
    • Experience with building custom databases and internet programming applications
    • Demonstrable experience in processing data from multiple sources, such as next-generation sequencing, genome-wide association studies, expression data, copy number changes, pathway analysis, etc.
    • Ability to research bioinformatics-related issues, effectively prioritize and execute tasks
    • Excellent communication skills to collaborate with researchers, understand requirements, and summarize data processing/analysis via written/oral communication
    • Self motivated individual interested in finding informatics solutions to data analysis challenges, keen attention to detail, and demonstrable experience in working as an effective team player


    • Experience with clustered computing environment (Job scheduling using PBS/Sun Grid Engine, MPI/OpenMP, parallel programming)
    • Experience in contributing to manuscripts and research articles, co-authored publications
    • Experience in biostatistics, statistical genetics, and proteomics data processing


    If you are interested in seeing the most up to date job listings or to apply for a position, please go to and submit your resume for this position. Please take a moment to read about our employee benefits and learn more about TGen. If you have any questions about the company or how to post for a position, please contact tgenhr[at]

    Please apply to all the jobs you are interested in. Only resumes submitted through the TGen career website will be considered.


    We value and support diversity in our workforce.

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