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Education: Distance courses from the University of Manchester, UK
Submitted by Heather Vincent; posted on Friday, December 10, 2010
Submitter We continue to offer a range of online courses in bioinformatics, health informatics and systems biology. The courses beginning in March 2011 include:

* Introduction to microarray data analysis
* Introduction to BioHealth Informatics
* Mathematics for metabolic modelling

Our popular microarray course has been extended this year to include a short section on RNA-seq.

BioHealth Informatics is a rapidly developing multi-disciplinary field that combines biological and genetic information with clinical data and computer information systems. This new online course has been developed from our experience in teaching biohealth informatics on campus.

Mathematics for metabolic modelling is designed to prepare people for our advanced web-based course in Computational Systems Biology, which runs in October.

All of our courses are designed to enable those with a background in the life sciences, computer science, mathematics or related disciplines to update their skills, while remaining in the workplace. The courses are also very suitable for home study, helping you to keep in touch with a research environment while taking a career break.

For further information, please visit our programme website: [link]

If you have any questions, or would like advice on the options, please contact the office for Advanced Professional Education (ape[at]

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