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Opportunity: BIOINFORMATICS Analyst @ Pennsylvania State University--State College, PA (US)
Submitted by Istvan Albert; posted on Monday, February 14, 2011
A Bioinformatics Analyst position is available within the Bioinformatics Consulting Center at the Pennsylvania State University ( The position requires carrying out computational analysis using data produced by large throughput sequencing technologies.

* Responsibilities include the following: developing and/or maintaining existing software pipelines for analyzing high throughput sequencing data; identifying, evaluating and documenting new methodologies to support ongoing research needs; writing code and developing solutions to computational biology problems.

* The Bioinformatics Analyst will also interact with a team of students and researchers, assisting them with bioinformatics and statistics based analysis.

* In-depth understanding of the analysis and processing of data from various genomic technologies and their applications
* Expertise in processing data in common bioinformatics data formats
* Knowledge of available bioinformatics/clinical genomics tools and databases
* Proven track record of delivering bioinformatics driven solutions
* Demonstrated programming skills in one or more programming languages or numerical platforms
* Experience handling large data sets
* Excellent communication skills

Full-time, 3 year contract with excellent prospects for renewal

State College, PA

Please send a CV and a cover letter to:

Dr. Istvan Albert
502B Wartik Hall,
Pennsylvania State University
Email: iua1[at]

This position is open until filled.

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