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Software: UGENE 1.9.2 is released
Submitted by Mike Fursov; posted on Monday, April 04, 2011
New version includes several critical bug fixes and some new features:

* UGENE Genome Aligner is optimized towards better performance. Now it can use - modern GPUs to boost the computations

* Workflow Designer imporovements:
- Added new workflow elements: merge and write annotations
- Added support of FASTA files as queries for Smith-Waterman search

* Query Designer improvements:
- Added HMM query element
- Search query can be customized for specific strand

* Automatic annotation highlighting for Restriction Enzymes plugin is introduced. Once configured, restriction sites search is performed for newly opened sequences automatically --- no need to launch search every time for new molecule.

* A lot of bug fixed and minor improvements implemented!

Check this page to download the latest version of Unipro UGENE :

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