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Opportunity: COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGIST @ Broad Institute--Cambridge, MA (US)
Submitted by Laura Bonfitto; posted on Friday, October 21, 2011
RESEARCH SCIENTIST (Computational Biologist) in Broad Institute Cancer Program (Garraway Lab) to lead, coordinate and analyze results from large-scale "next-generation" sequencing efforts to profile mutations in cancer. Will work with various Broad platforms to design, develop, and execute sequencing and genome characterization projects, including but not limited to RNA-Seq, targeted exon sequencing, and whole genome sequencing. Will also play a primary role in analyzing the resulting data sets.

Duties include working collaboratively with community scientists and outside collaborators to cultivate, process, and analyze genomic information from tumor samples, primary cancer cell cultures, and cell lines; detailed computational analysis of large biological data sets; managing workflow related to specific projects and across various technology platforms; responding to questions; determining technical design and requirements; participating in developing strategies for cancer genome analysis using new technologies; coordinating with relevant Broad workgroups and outside collaborators to implement projects; mentoring junior staff; preforming background research, writing proposals and papers, and presenting at scientific meetings; serving as a key resource to identify and clarify technical issues; and performing other tasks as required.

PhD degree in biology, computer science, bioinformatics, or related field, together with significant experience in computer programming and computational biological applications; experience in cancer genomics projects and/or massively parallel "next-generation" DNA sequencing analysis; ability to interact with multidisciplinary staff in fast-paced environment; excellent communication skills; strong scientific and project management skills; and ability to think about underlying biological questions and genome technology aspects. Some post-graduate experience preferred, as is experience with genome analysis. Must be able to work independently, handle and execute a variety of tasks, effectively solve problems, and shift priorities rapidly.

Please visit: [link]

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