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Events: Bifx12 cloud computing for bioinformatics group discussion
Submitted by Prashanth Suravajhala; posted on Thursday, March 01, 2012 (1 comment)
Submitter We invite you to this group discussion session March 2 as part of Bifx 2012 ([link]):

08:40-09:10 GMT (14:10-14:40 IST)
Group Discussion (THIRTY MINUTES ONLY)
Cloud computing for Bioinformatics: Real or Hype?
With expert comments and moderation by Kanagasabai Rajaraman and Sundararajan VS.

We welcome you all to join this exciting session. If you would like to raise any questions/issues/points, an advanced questionnaire can be requested to k[dot]rajaraman[at]yahoo[dot]com) so that your inputs can be covered within the 30 minutes slot.

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Reasons Why Cloud Computing is being rejection By Organizations
Submitted by rayan clouds; posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Everything about Cloud Computing is very nice. But, if you have read the article on risks of Cloud Computing published by cloud computing blog, you have noticed that, there are definite risks associated with Cloud Computing. Yes, this Security and Privacy issues are the major concern of most organizations handling the critical data. But, this are not the only points for rejecting Cloud Computing. There are more concerns with Cloud Computing.Reliable providers like Google has limited applications -- Google still has no consumer level Cloud Hosting Service. Cloud Computing providers like Rackspace is quite expensive for many. Even with Google, loss of data / email is not rare.Most major Service Providers, except Rackspace, Amazon etc. are actually software companies.For every extra service, the charge is extra, suppose a hosting service on Cloud Platform versus an usual Hosting service -- ultimately the cost and complexity of usage increases with Cloud Computing.
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