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Education: Release of e-Bio
Submitted by Akinori Sarai; posted on Thursday, May 24, 2012
Submitter We are releasing e-Bio, which provides e-learning materials such as lectures, tutorials, demos and experimental protocols in bioscience. This is an extension of the annual virtual training workshop on bioinformatics, which was held 5 times since 2006.

Because of increasing demand for e-learning, we have decided to expand the scope of the workshop: to expand the field to bioscience; to expand the category of e-learning materials including not only lectures but also tutorials, demos and experimental protocols etc.; and to extend the availability of some e-learning materials not only limited to the annual workshops but also open all the year round.

The e-Bio system is capable of holding multiple workshops at the same time. We plan to have various training workshops on specific topics, tutorial sessions along with the ordinary conferences, and the webcasting of conference sessions.

e-Bio can be accessed at:

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