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    Submitted by EMBL Recruitment; posted on Friday, August 17, 2012


    The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is one of the highest ranked scientific research organisations in the world. EMBL operates from five sites across Europe, with the main laboratory in Heidelberg (Germany) and further sites in Hinxton (UK), Grenoble (France), Hamburg (Germany) and Rome (Italy).


    Four positions are open for service-oriented scientists with experience working on computational analysis of biological data, and who are interested in project organisation and management. The positions involve extensive collaboration with scientists across EMBL. Their common resposibilities include:
    • Providing advice and consultation on the use of computational tools to biological researchers
    • Developing and delivering training
    • Scientific programming and administration of revelant computer tools
    • Developing and maintaining online resources
    Common requirements of the four positions include: a PhD or equivalent experience in an appropriate field, excellent communication and organisational skills including excellent written and spoken English, programming skills, a desire and ability to work well within a team, and the ability to rapidly adapt to changing needs in a quickly evolving research landscape.

    Candidates are welcome to apply for more than one of these positions, but should only submit one application, indicating in their covering letter which positions they want to be considered for.

    Brief descriptions of the four positions are given below. Follow the links from each description to download a PDF with more detailed information about each position.
    1. Bioinformatician: Bio-IT Project
    Providing bioinformatics consulting for EMBL scientists, and organising and delivering training activities. Maintaining and developing a web-based information and communication platform for computational biology at EMBL Heidelberg, along with providing centralised bioinformatics tools and databases, and contributing to planning and logistics of community-related networking and other activities.
    1. Bioinformatician: Centre for Biomolecular Network Analysis
    Coordinating and delivering the activities of the centre in supporting biological network integration, analysis and visualisation throughout EMBL for both computational and experimental biologists. Will focus on providing assistance and consultation to researchers, organising events, creating and maintaining related web resources, and participating in collaborative research projects.
    1. Biostatistician: Centre for Statistical Data Analysis
    Coordinating and delivering the activities of the centre in supporting best use of statistical and computational methods in the analysis of large-scale data, particularly from high-throughput sequencing. Will focus on statistical consulting and training, while also maintaining statistical software and engaging in collaborative research projects with EMBL researchers.
    1. Computational Biologist: Centre for Bio-Modelling
    Coordinating and delivering the activities of the centre in supporting best use of mathematical models of biological processes by EMBL scientists. Will focus on engaging in collaborative research projects with EMBL researchers, maintaining local versions of simulation tools and software, and organising training and networking events.


    Heidelberg, Germany


    Please submit only one application for these positions, even if you would like to be considered for more than one of the positions. Indicate in your covering letter which of the positions you want to apply for; if you are applying for more than one position, then mention all of these positions in the covering letter, for example by referring to the job numbers described in the announcement i.e.:
    1. Bioinformatician: Bio-IT Project
    2. Bioinformatician: Centre for Biomolecular Network Analysis
    3. Biostatistician: Centre for Statistical Data Analysis
    4. Computational Biologist: Centre for Bio-Modelling
    Interviews are planned for the 8th, 9th and 10th of October 2012.

    Please apply online through


    23 Sept. 2012

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