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Events: Novartis, Roche & GSK reveal their answers to the 'big data' challenge (Sponsored Content)
Submitted by J.W. Bizzaro; posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012
Submitter World Genome Data Analysis Summit
November 27-29, 2012
San Francisco, CA, USA

Unlock the potential of sequencing through effective storage, transfer and interpretation of genomic data.

With rapid sequencing commonplace, the biggest challenge in analyzing data lies in effective storage and management. Achieving this is essential in order to fully unlock the meaningful information contained inside the genome.

The challenge is universally recognized but as yet there are no clear cut answers as to how to overcome this expensive hurdle. Bringing together the world's brightest minds in data analysis, the World Genome Data Analysis Summit will, for the first time ever, create a truly unique forum where these issues can be addressed.

Featuring cutting-edge case studies from the likes of Roche, BMS, Pfizer, GSK, Sanger Institute, Washington University and many others, you'll gain access to the latest strategies to control, analyze and interpret your genomic data. Discover new software tools to help efficient transfer of large data volumes, uncover cloud storage solutions to manage data warehousing and hear the industry leaders explain how they're managing to achieve effective high throughput analysis of their genome sequencing.

If you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your data management and analysis, and unleash the powerful information contained in the genome, then the World Genome Data Analysis Summit is the meeting to attend.

* Learn from the experts as Washington University and the Sanger Institute present their latest approaches for transforming genomic data from raw sequences to clinically relevant material
* Millennium leads you through the design and build of their new bioinformatics platform, providing you with skills you can apply to your drug discovery and personalized medicine programs
* Discover how pharma are driving drug R&D outcomes as Eli Lilly and Novartis walk you through data integration techniques for you to take back to the lab and apply to your data management programs
* Revamp your informatics infrastructure as Johnson & Johnson explain the benefits of implementing cloud based solutions to data storage and analysis challenges in whole genome sequencing
* Model your own high performance data management and computational architectures by hearing about work done at Indiana, Stanford and Sanofi.

Visit for more information or to register your place.

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