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    Opportunity: Senior BIOINFORMATICS Project Manager -- Gov't Contractor at CDC (#39470BR) @ SRA International -- Atlanta, GA (US)
    Submitted by John M. Greene, Ph.D.; posted on Tuesday, October 09, 2012



    SRA has an opportunity for a Senior Bioinformatics Project Manager to lead a team of bioinformaticians, system engineers, and software engineers to implement leading edge bioinformatics solutions for CDC public health research. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have highly impactful molecular bioinformatics analyses needs to understand the progression and provide prevention of viral and bacterial diseases, especially influenza. The analyses done by this team, supporting the Influenza Division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will contribute to the active monitoring of disease outbreaks and the creation of preventive vaccines and treatments that positively impact public health world-wide.


    The successful candidate will interact closely with world-class public health scientists to understand their bioinformatics needs, and lead a team of bioinformaticians, system engineers and software engineers to provide these needs in a timely and highly interactive manner. Recent molecular biology technological advances have provided huge amounts of detailed data to be analyzed, including next and third generation sequencing data. This data, combined with extensive epidemiologic data, provides a tremendous opportunity to apply leading edge bioinformatics techniques to support decision making for public health outcomes to improve prevention and treatment.

    Key responsibilities:
    • On an ongoing basis, consult with CDC clients on design and implementation of bioinformatics systems, analyses, and tools.
    • Lead SRA's bioinformatics analytic and development team of 9 – 10 staff (direct SRA employees and subcontractors) working at the SRA office and the client site. Provide collaborative decision-making approaches for determining the best bioinformatics methods to be used, and mentor the team to effectively implement these methods in a timely manner.
    • Track and report progress on scientific projects to the CDC, successfully coordinating information from Principal Investigator client meetings and SRA internal infrastructure. Manage staff resources in two office locations.
    • Prioritize implementation of projects based on urgency of public health needs and the availability of appropriate resources.
    • Handle additional project management tasks; including financial and contractual project management tasks such as: tracking budgets and generating monthly invoicing; tracking task work, and creating biweekly and quarterly reports, etc.
    • Provide next generation sequence data analysis expertise, focusing on comparison of viral and bacterial genomes on a regular basis for projects that affect the CDC Influenza Division and world health knowledge and understanding of the related diseases.
    • Share new bioinformatics conclusions with the scientific community by participating with CDC and SRA team members in publishing results of scientific insights derived from bioinformatics analyses.
    • Actively participate in scientific brainstorming sessions with CDC scientists, suggesting analytic and scientific development approaches.
    • Lead the CDC and SRA to utilize the most current techniques and methods in bioinformatics to support public health needs.


    6-9 years experience minimum; B.S. required; Ph.D. strongly preferred

    • Experience in bioinformatics / computational biology with hands-on knowledge in manipulating and analyzing High Throughput Data (especially Next Generation Sequence Data) and building systems to support these data flows
    • Bioinformatics or associated advanced degree or equivalent experience; Programming experience in Perl, Python, R, C, C++, Oracle, MySQL or related technologies
    • Proven hands-on experience performing leading edge bioinformatics analysis and development, both individually and by directing a team
    • Well rounded understanding of current bioinformatics methodologies to manage and analyze high-throughput molecular biological techniques including next generation sequencing, comparative genomics and phylogenetics
    • Experience managing a team of scientists and engineers, directing their research projects through suggestion of bioinformatics approaches and coaching
    • Experience to discuss scientific concepts effectively with other researchers
    • Proven experience to monitor and drive progress of scientific research projects
    • Experience delivering progress reports in timely and informative manner


    • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
    • Experience with financial forecasting, invoicing and budgeting
    • Experience in viral infectious diseases, especially influenza
    • Experience with public health issues
    • Experience with CDC and/or the CDC EPLC process


    CDC, Atlanta, GA


    Dependent on experience.


    Please visit, search for 39470BR; or direct to Dr. John Greene, Director, Bioinformatics, john_greene[at] Principals only.



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