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Opportunity: Principal Investigator -- BIOINFORMATICIAN @ Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute -- Port St. Lucie, FL (US)
Submitted by Jill Hacket; posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012
As a Principal Investigator, you will be leading a cross-functional research team of high-level scientific personnel and faculty to drive execution to project timelines and overall program goals from initial concept through successful conclusion. This position will utilize principles and methods of systems science and be responsible for the successful architecture and implementation of an evolving integrated research informatics.

* Responsible for conceptualizing, designing, developing, and manipulating large databases, data analysis, data mining, and other required software solutions
* Set up and deploy data bases from multiple platforms which could include mixed technology; genomics, proteomics and metabolomics
* Partner with peers to identify opportunities for process improvement, knowledge transfer, and reuse of existing informatics solutions
* Contribute scientific, technical and project management expertise to the development and execution of research informatics platform and data strategy
* Primary consultant for staff regarding informatics requirements, data analysis, analysis platforms, data correlative development, and representation
* Mentors others in techniques of data collection, mining and management
* Apply knowledge of bioinformatics algorithms and analysis platforms to consult on and lead computational biology projects
* Work in a highly skilled, team-oriented environment applying knowledge of cellular, molecular, and computational biology to create novel methods and testable scientific hypotheses
* Understand and instruct on the strengths and limitations of analysis platforms as they apply to experimental endpoints and will readily be able to set expectations and defend results through direct communication with principal investigators and their staff
* Develop a strong extramural research program resulting in high profile publications and/or independent funding

* Completion of a successful post doctoral fellowship as evidenced by high profile publications and/or independent funding
* Experience in developing applications geared towards systems biology
* Proven experience in managing informatics projects
* Highly skilled in verbal and written communication across diverse technical, non-technical, and scientific audiences
* Proven knowledge of database design, database applications development required
* 5 or more years experience in data processing pipeline development and/or programming within a bioinformatics environment required
* Previous experience in data modeling and applications of next generation sequencing
* Excellent written communication skills are required
* Experience with statistics as it relates to highly multidimensional data
* Strong programming skills in at least one scripting language such as R, Perl, Python, or Ruby

* Ph.D. required in Informatics, Computational Biology, Genetics, or related discipline

Please visit: [link]

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