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Ghemical is computational chemistry package, which is licensed under GNU GPL . The ghemical authors are listed here .

Ghemical is implemented using the C++ programming language, and it has a graphical user interface which utilizes the OpenGL graphics interface and the GTK+ multiplatform widget library. Here are some features of the program:


Screenshot 1 The graphical user interface, and an example molecule (acetylsalicylic acid).
Screenshot 2 Different views and graphics rendering options demonstrated.
Screenshot 3 Protein ribbon models and a stereo display feature demonstrated.
Screenshot 4 Since the GTK+ environment can be ported to several operating systems, the program is portable as well (the screenshot is from a Windows/Cygwin system).


You can get the packages from the download page.

The current stable version 2.00 was released 2006-04-xx. It is tested to work best with the following other packages/programs:


Ghemical source code is developed at a CVS server hosted by the site.

Discussions about ghemical development can be followed at ghemical-devel mailing list.



[1] Hassinen, T.; Peräkylä, M. J Comput Chem 2001, 22, 1229-1242

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