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CRE distribution
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List of known CREs

PLACE database

ATCISDB database (Please note signs such as "(" or "/" are not allowed in AtREA,convert AtCISDB motifs which possess this sign to IUPAC)

 CRE format :
If the choosen format is consensus
Enter CRE consensus sequence  :

OR if the choosen format is matrix
Enter CRE matrix:

Matrix score cutoff: 
OR if the choosen format is CRE Consensus pair

Enter the first CRE consensus sequence  :

Enter the second CRE consensus sequence :       

Minimum allowed distance between the CREs :        

Maximum allowed distance between the CREs:          

OR if the choosen format is multiple CRE consensus sequences

Enter up to 4 CRE consensus sequences separated by hashes(#) :


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Fold Cutoff (only for expression classes) :
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