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Illinois Bio-Grid

Mission Statement

The Illinois Bio-Grid is a consortium of academic institutions, national labs, and private and public sector organizations. These various organizations have joined together to share hardware and software tools that each can use in their research centering mainly on Bio-Medical Informatics. This will give each participant access to computational resources that are greater than the sum of the parts.

The main purpose of the Illinois Bio-Grid is to share compute and software resources amongst the members. It is a computational grid for Grid and BioMedicalInformatics software research and for production BioMedicalInformatics research.


The Illinois Bio-Grid is composed of thousands of processors in the Chicago area shared by the institutions listed below. The institutions share their resources, giving each institution a larger pool of resources to use when required. The heterogeneous machines are connected via the internet to create one large virtual supercomputer in a virtual organization. The underlying technology is Globus ( The lead institution is Angulo Consulting (, and the lead PI is Dave Angulo.

IBG Desktop

The Illinois Bio-Grid (IBG) has written several bioinformatics software, all available as open source. The most useful is the Proteomic Mass Spectrometry data analysis program. Several of the IBG software tools are in the IBG Desktop, and the Proteomic Mass Spectrometry data analysis program is one of these. The IBG Desktop can be downloaded from here: IBG Desktop download site