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  • Career Center - News offers free and paid services to job searchers looking for work in the bioinformatics field. Here are some tips specific for bioinformatics jobs:

    1. There are three types of bioinformatics jobs in this field. They are oriented towards:
      1. Software: this involves writing web-based or standalone software in C, C++, Java, .Net. Candidates from a Computer Science background are most suited for these roles.
      2. Data: this involves managing, parsing and manipulating biological data, writing complex workflows, finding biomarkers and drug targets, performing simulations, data mining, etc. Bioinformatics graduates are most suited to this.
      3. Science: this involves interpreting biology from high throughput experiments, putting together results that explain a mechanism of action or a plan to develop a diagnostic or drug target. This is usually the realm of Ph.D candidates.
    2. Build a resume that reflects at least one of these strongly. Entry and mid-level jobs usually will target one of the above 3 categories very clearly. These jobs will have titles like Bioinformatics Software Developer, Bioinformatics Data Analyst, Bioinformatics Scientist. It becomes tricky when more than 1 of the above 3 categories are desired by employers. Those listings become higher-paying and will usually involve Project Management. These will be titles like Bioinformatics Manager, Director of Bioinformatics, etc. Certain customer facing roles will also involve more than 1 of the above categories, but not directly -- such as Customer Support, Consulting, Training, Sales or Business Development.
    3. Sometimes the job titles are very specific to the application -- Proteomics scientist, NGS analyst, Genomics programmer. Not all of these jobs can be seen on job portals by doing a search on "bioinformatics."
    4. Many web portals list bioinformatics jobs. Scan them routinely and set up alerts if possible. Some websites include:,,, LinkedIn, Monster,,, In addition, bookmark the Career pages of companies that you like to work for. They don't always post to job search portals and use recruiters instead.
    5. Use LinkedIn to identify contacts at companies where you would like to work. Reach out to them and ask them to refer you to jobs at their companies.

    Here are some additional articles that cover general job search: also offers in-person career counseling services that can enhance the job search experience of those having difficulty finding work in this field or are not landing the right job they seek. We will ask you to undertake a self-evaluation based on a questionnaire and quiz developed by experts in the field, and then our staff will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, develop a training plan if necessary, modify your resume so that it appears sharp, and prepare you for a more aggressive and comprehensive search of job opportunities. The cost is as follows:

    Self evaluation questionnaire and assessment: $500
    CV preparation: $250
    Career counseling: $150 per hour
    Tips for job search: Free
    Training plan: Free

    If you are interested, please contact us by filling out the form below:

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