Description of "Translation" macro:

This macro is used to generate input files for software in which genotypes must be numbers instead of letters.
Please check here the input file format:      
Input File            
You can seehere  the output files formats:      
Output File            
Haploview Output File          
TagSNPs Output File          
According the output file you've requested, your translation will be written in a new sheet called /"Haploview"/"TagSNPs"/"Translation".
The convention used for the translation is the following: (code 2 for TagSNPs users)
A = 1              
C = 2              
G = 3              
T = 4              
"-" = O O            
So for example : "A/G" will be translated by  "1 3"    
This macro has been found to work with Excel 97 and 2000 under various flavors
of Windows (English versions) and with Excel 98 of MacOS 9 and Excel X of MacOS X (English versions).
The authors take no responsibility for malfunctioning on other versions of Excel and/or other OSs.
If you have comments, questions and suggestions for improvement and further functions, please contact
Federico Canzian  or  Stéphanie Monnier