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See MetaBase, the database of biological databases.

The SVN repository is

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Purpose: To provide a software repository for working with and updating the MetaBase project. For more information see http://MetaDatabase.Org Goals: To allow users all over the world to contribute to and maintain the content of MetaBase programatically. Secondarily we aim to provide educational examples of working with MediaWiki through the API. Special requirements: CVS / SVN / Package release features :-D I've been developing MetaBase for a while, and I want a permanent place for the codebase that has built up to minimize the barriers for project participation.

License other:

The BioLicense - for full details, see A summary is given below: BiO License Agreement for scientific/academic use of Intellectual Property. 1. I will do science as I truly like it. The prime purpose of it will not be my career building. 2. I will not be jealous of other scientist's scientific work (especially colleague's, friends' and scientists in the same field). 3. I will not become an academic sportsman whose mode of research is competing for more papers, recognition and prizes. 4. I will not steal/take other people's ideas and package them as if they are mine and actively suppress others who have similar ideas. 5. I will not politically suppress/reject other people's submitted manuscripts out of jealousy and competition. 6. I will not discriminate other scientists for his/her racial backgrounds. The BiO Licence was drafted by Jong Park.