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Mutagenesis Primer Generator by JL 071106

is a simple Windows95 (Sorry I used old version of VB) program that generates mutagenesis primers automatically by inputting FASTA (or any DNA sequences because program automatically ignores FASTA header lines and any characters other than A, T, C, or G), site you want to mutate, and amino acid you want to change it to.

You can download the program by clicking this link:

<It's a simple windows program - No installation required - Just unzip and you are ready to go>

For detailed instruction of using the program read the four slide manual included in the ZIP bundle:

  Mutagenesis primer generator manual.ppt   

(Download, or PPT viewer from Microsoft if you have to)

Program requires "codon.dat" to run (Included in the zip file) Codon.dat is E.coli K-12 codon, if you want something else make your own. Read the manual, it's just simple textfile.

I think it's now licensed with GNU public license, anyway if you are dying to distribute, please distribute it as a ZIP bundle.

Made by Jonas Lee (in Prof. SHKim's Lab) UC Berkeley - Chemistry

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