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Protein mapping and comparison tool PROMPT - new release
Submitted by Thorsten Schmidt; posted on Tuesday, October 17, 2006
PROMPT is a comprehensive bioinformatics software environment which enables the user to compare arbitrary protein sequence sets, revealing statistically significant differences in their annotation features. It allows automatic retrieval and integration of data from a multitude of molecular biological databases as well as from tab delimited format. Similarity-based mapping of sequence IDs makes it possible to link experimental information obtained from different sources despite discrepancies in gene identifiers and minor sequence variation. Analysis results can be visualized in the form of plots and spreadsheets and exported in various formats, including Microsoft Excel. PROMPT is open source and freely available from

New features in release 0.8.3:
- Retrieval and integration of the PEDANT databases
- Fast Mapping against large databases like UniProt or GenBank (potentially an order of magnitude faster than BLAST)

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