pcb2png is a simple program that converts phosphoimager pcb/img files to png format.


Should compile and run on any Posix platform. Needs PNG headers and libpng.


Latest version should be available from http://bioinformatics.org/pcb2png/


Unpack the archive. There are no configure scripts, not even a make file. Compile the program :
gcc pcb2png.cxx -o pcb2png -lpng -lstdc++
If compiler or linker cannot find PNG files, set include (-I/usr/include) and library (-L/usr/lib) flags to appropriate directories. Manually copy the binary to somewhere on the path, like so:
cp pcb2png /usr/local/bin/


pcb2png NAME
Where NAME is the common part of the filename of .pcb and .img. PNG file will be create in the current directory. The program was tested with 8 and 12 bit images. If the resulting image looks completely black, use normalize or stretch contrast if your favorite graphics editor.

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