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  • Yohanes Novi Kurniawan Yohanes Novi Kurniawan [Send a message]
    Member since: June 16, 2008
    Yohanes was born in Indonesia In his undergraduate year, he began to develop interest in microbiology. In year 2005, He received scholarship from JASSO to engage short term research in Tokyo Institute of Technology under the program of YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program). Now, He enrolls in a 5 year program of International Program of Frontier Biotechnology in Osaka University and engage research in Streptomyces biology. He just finished master and awarded M.Eng.
    Curriculum vitae

    Current address:

    Osaka University
    Yamadaoka 2-1
    Suita, Osaka


    PhD candidate in Biotechnology
    Osaka University
    2010 - 2013 Biotechnology
    Osaka University
    2008 - 2010
    B.Sc in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
    Bandung Institute of Technology
    2002 - 2007


    PhD student Osaka University 2010 - Pres
    Research Assistant Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Laboratory, Pharmacy, ITB 2007 - 2008


    Streptomyces molecular biology, knock out mutant, HPLC for screening

    Recombinant DNA technology, plasmid library, cloning, characterization, PCR, gel agarose electrophoresis etc

    Oligonucleotides design for gene synthesis, Primer design for PCR and site directed mutagenesis, B cells linear epitope design, signal peptide prediction, Allignment, Sequencing Analysis, molecular modelling, frame plot, domain analysis etc

    Protein Biotechnology, overproduction, purification, gel SDS PAGE electrophoresis etc

    Bacterial fermentation (batch method), extraction of biopolymer from microbes etc


    Japanese Government Scholarship recipient for Master and PhD course in Biotechnology

    Exchange Student at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, Department of Biomolecular Sciences, Graduate School of Biotechnology and Biosciences

    Scholarship recipient from JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) from 2005-2006

    Outstanding student, graduated with GPA of 3.62 on scale of 4.00

    Member of Genomic Network of Young Scientist (GeneYous)


    Streptomyces molecular biology, autoregulator signalling cascade

    Bacterial pathogenesis, Molecular modification of recombinant protein


    Networking, web design



    The Construction and Cloning of Synthetic Interferon Alpha2b CDS in Escherichia coli JM 109, Proceeding of The First International Seminar on Pharmaceutics, 2008

    Cryoprotectivity of Trehalose for Storage of Wautersia eutropha Cells at Two Different High Sub-Zero Temperatures, Research Articles



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