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Francesco Russo [Send a message]
Member since: October 01, 2012
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News & Commentary
Education: Lipari School on BioInformatics and Computational Biology: Computational Network Biology
Submitted by Francesco Russo; posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012
Resources: miR-EdiTar: A database of predicted A-to-I edited miRNA target sites
Submitted by Francesco Russo; posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012
Resources: miRandola: Extracellular Circulating microRNAs Database
Submitted by Francesco Russo; posted on Monday, October 01, 2012
Curriculum vitae

Current address:

University of Catania



Master's degree student in Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Catania






Variability in the Incidence of miRNAs and Genes in Fragile Sites and the Role of Repeats and CpG Islands in the Distribution of Genetic Material. PLoS One. 2010 Jun 17;5(6):e11166

Prediction of human targets for viral-encoded microRNAs by thermodynamics and empirical constraints. J RNAi Gene Silencing. 2010 May 24;6(1):379-85.

miRandola: Extracellular Circulating microRNAs Database. Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS) Annual Meeting 2012, May 2-4, Catania, Italy.

Transposable elements as potential miRNA targets. RNAi 2010 - Gene regulation by small RNAs, Oxford (UK)

The miRò project: towards a unified resource for miRNA research. BITS 2010


The 25th Lipari School for Scientific Research. RNAs: structure, function and therapy (2009)

Lipari School for Scientific Research. Biological Sequence Analysis and High Throughput Technologies (2011)

Lipari School for Scientific Research. Pharmacogenomics. (2012)


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