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Dr. Habil Zare Dr. Habil Zare [Send a message]
Member since: December 12, 2013
My research interests include the areas of bioinformatics and computational biology. I use machine learning techniques to develop novel algorithms, and provide tools for efficient analysis of biological and clinical data, which are interesting examples of complicated, big data. I collaborate with clinicians and biologists by performing computational analysis on such data, and I am most excited when my study leads to a novel biological discovery, or an immediate improvement of clinical practice.
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Career Center
Opportunity: Research Assistant position in Oncinfo Lab @ Texas State University -- Austin Greater Area, TX (US)
Submitted by Dr. Habil Zare; posted on Tuesday, March 08, 2016
Opportunity: Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) in Oncinfo Lab @ Texas State University -- San Marcos, TX (US)
Submitted by Dr. Habil Zare; posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2015
Opportunity: Research Assistant Position in Oncinfo Lab @ Texas State University -- San Marcos, TX (US)
Submitted by Dr. Habil Zare; posted on Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Opportunity: Postdoctoral Research Assistant @ Texas State University -- Austin, TX (US)
Submitted by Dr. Habil Zare; posted on Saturday, September 27, 2014
Curriculum vitae

Current address:

Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX
United States


PhD in Computer Science
The University of British Columbia
2010 - 2011
Sharif University of Technology
2002 - 2004
Sharif University of Technology
1998 - 2002


Assistant Professor Texas State University 2014 -
Senior Fellow (postdoctoral) The University of Washington 2012 - 2014
Research Assistant British Columbia Cancer Agency 2010 - 2011


R Statistical Programming Language


Mathematica and Maple




EDITORIAL BOARD, Journal of Biological Research & Development

Reviewer: Bioinformatics, OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology, Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing.

Secretary of Student Mathematical Association at Sharif University of Technology, 2002-2003.



Computational Biology

Machine Learning

Cancer Research



Zare H., et al., Data reduction for spectral clustering to analyze high ., throughput flow cytometry data. BMC Bioinformatics 2010, 11:403-413. ("Highly accessed" according to the journal website.)

Zare H. et al., Automated analysis of multidimensional flow cytometry data improves diagnostic accuracy between mantle cell lymphoma and small lymphocytic lymphoma, American Journal of Clinical Pathology

Zare H., et al., relevancy of features based on combinatorial analysis of Lasso with application to lymphoma diagnosis, BMC Genomics 2013, 14:S14.

Aghaeepour N., et al, Zare H., Critical assessment of automated flow cytometry data analysis techniques, Nature Methods 2013, 10:228-238.

Aghaeepour N., el al., Zare H., Early immunologic correlates of HIV protection can be identified from computational analysis of complex multivariate T-cell flow cytometry assays, Bioinformatics 2012, 28:1009-1016.


SamSPECTRAL, (approved by Bioconductor) Developed and maintain this R package, an implementation of my enhancement to spectral clustering method that is capable of clustering flow cytometry data with 100K events in minutes.

FeaLect (approved by CRAN) Developed and maintain this R package that implements my novel scoring scheme useful for feature selection.

Sessional Instructor, Discrete Mathematics 1, Spring 2008.

Teaching Assistant for 14 different courses in the areas of computer science and mathematics

Supervising a rotating student in the Noble Lab at University of Washington, leading to a manuscript submit- ted to PLOS Computational Biology.


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