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Yuriy Orlov Yuriy Orlov [Send a message]
Member since: September 06, 2010
Born in Russia, work in Singapore..
Curriculum vitae

Current address:

Genome Institute of Singapore
60 Biopolis Street



PhD in Genetics
Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk
2001 - 2004
MSc in Mathematics
Novosibirsk State University, Russia
1984 - 1991


PostDoctoral Fellow Genome Institute of Singapore 2006 - 2010
Researcher Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk 1999 - 2005
Probationer/Programmer/Junior researcher Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk 1989 - 1994


C programming, R

Windows, Unix OS

IPA, GeneSpring GX, GeneGo, Cytoscape


Computational biology

HUGO member

Member of Russian Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders


Data mining

Next gen sequencing data analysis


Han J, Yuan P, Yang H, Zhang J, Soh BS, Li P, Lim SL, Cao S, Tay J, Orlov YL, Lufkin T, Ng HH, Tam WL, Lim B. Tbx3 improves the germ-line competency of induced pluripotent stem cells. Nature. 2010 Feb 25;463(7284):1096-100.

Fullwood MJ, Liu MH, Pan YF, Liu J, Xu H, Mohamed YB, Orlov YL et al. An oestrogen-receptor-alpha-bound human chromatin interactome. Nature. 2009 462(7269):58-64..

Chen X, Xu H, Yuan P, Fang F, Huss M, Vega VB, Wong E, Orlov YL et al. Integration of external signaling pathways with the core transcriptional network in embryonic stem cells. Cell. 2008 133(6):1106-17.

Heng JC, Feng B, Han J, Jiang J, Kraus P, Ng JH, Orlov YL, Huss M, Yang L, Lufkin T, Lim B, Ng HH. The nuclear receptor Nr5a2 can replace Oct4 in the reprogramming of murine somatic cells to pluripotent cells. Cell Stem Cell. 2010 Feb 5;6(2):167-74.

Goh WS, Orlov Y, Li J, Clarke ND. Blurring of high-resolution data shows that the effect of intrinsic nucleosome occupancy on transcription factor binding is mostly regional, not local. PLoS Comput Biol. 2010 Jan 22;6(1):e1000649.



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