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Deepan Chakravarthy N [Send a message]
Member since: September 28, 2003
please visit my home page:
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Announcing the release of MetaBase version 1.0
Submitted by Deepan Chakravarthy N; posted on Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Curriculum vitae

Current address:

Centre For Biotechnology
Anna University



3rd year, B.Tech
Centre For Biotechnolgy, Anna University, Chennai
2002 - 2006


Student Centre For Biotechnology 2002 - 2006


I have a good command over the CPlusPlus, Perl, and Shell programming.

I am acquainted with Parallel programming in C using LAM,MPI ( Local Area Computing,Message Passage Interface) , STL (Standard Template Library), OpenGL graphics library, network programming.

I am also familiar with programming tools like debugger, library, leaktracer etc.


I am working under Dr. Ramesh Anishetty, Professor, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai to develope a software tool in CPlusPlus to analyse networks. It implements a novel algorithm to study networks.

I am currently building a new flavour of linux ( biolinux ) using source code of the related programs and will customized to suit biologists. This will include free software available for biological analysis.

Along with Karthikeyan Sivaraman, currently a PhD scholar at the Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, I am developing software to predict genes in prokaryotes.

I have developed a parallel software that searches for a given peptide sequence in a protein database. It was developed in CPlusPlus using MPI,LAM.

I have written a software for bouncing ball game in CPlusPlus using Borland Graphics Interface during XII std under the guidelines of Mr. T Shiva Kumar, Computer Dept HOD, Sainik School, Amaravarthy Nagar.


molecular modeling

developing new flavours of linux




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