Perl Knowledge-Based Objects

Perl ObjectFrames


Chris Mungall 


Unholy union of perl objects and frames


* fun

* dissolve code/data boundary

* introspection

* better modeling

* toss out cranky perl object model and replace it with one that
        bidirectional links

        genuine introspection


        properties (aka associations) as first class "objects"

* frames can act just like regular objects if you want them to

* frames can be overridden with normal perl objects/packages

* normal perl objects can be extended with frames

* frames can be extended with normal perl objects

* natural framework for persistence

* reasoning

* will play well with RDF & RDFS (xml or n3)

* will play well with DAML+OIL

* natural framework for querying

* some of the above claims may be false


* mad hackers

* Semantic Webbies

* perl OO programmers with big object models and too lazy to:
        define all the accessor methods

        maintain boilerplate pod docs

        continuously reverse engineer UML diagrams from code by hand
        for those who can't grok just by looking at .pm / pod

        basically write the same code over and over again
        when a higher level spec would be nicer

* those who realise the standard OO paradigm, UML etc isn't sufficent 
        or expressive enough to
        model complex domains (eg biology) 

* perl people interested in 
        Sematic Web

* starry eyed ideallists


* pre pre pre alpha

Why Not?

* cf status

* sanity

* you're alreay using lisp and are quite happy with that thank you

* you're a serious AI boffin and this is the work of an amateur


search on google for ontologies / frames / etc


Chris Mungall
Last modified: Wed Aug 29 21:18:35 PDT 2001