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Topic: Question about code

I get a bit worried when i find stuff like this in the code (for htmLawed):

if ($ql = count($q)) {

Whats up with that?


Re: Question about code

MatsSvensson, what is the point you are trying to make? Does the code not work, or do you think the particular code is buggy? I will appreciate more details then. If you are unaware of variable assignment within 'if' condition, don't worry, it is OK*. If you are just expressing displeasure at how the htmLawed code is written, well, I appreciate the feedback, but I too have a certain code design philosophy that I like.

* https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6741399/can-i-define-a-variable-in-a-php-if-condition


Re: Question about code

Ok then...
No worries mate.
*backing out of the room slowly*