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htmLawed 1.2.beta

The current beta version (1.2.beta.11; 5 March 2016) of the next htmLawed release with HTML5 support is now available for testing.

Change-log for the beta versions
Documentation (HTML)
Documentation (plain text)
Test page
Browse source code
Download (128 kb zip file)

Notes: (1) The non-beta/final version of 1.2 will be released sometime in 2016. (2) The beta version of 1.2 is expected to be updated a few times until then. (3) Please provide feedback in the htmLawed forum. (4) OOP version as an htmLawed PHP class will be released once version 1.2 has been finalized.

For the current stable release of htmLawed, visit the main htmLawed site.
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