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Installing htmLawed using the Composer dependency manager for PHP

Composer has become the most commonly used tool for installing and updating scripts and libraries used by PHP projects. By default, to find scripts/libraries (packages), the Composer tool searches a single source, the Packagist repository. Because there is no official htmLawed package in the Packagist repository, use of Composer to install/update htmLawed requires that the official htmLawed download site is declared as a repository in Composer. This permits Composer to parse a packages.json file at the download site to identify the URL to obtain htmLawed from.

# Declare the htmLawed download site
composer config repositories.htmlawed composer

# Install htmLawed
composer require htmlawed/htmlawed

# Update previously installed htmLawed to latest version
composer update htmlawed/htmlawed

To learn more about using htmLawed in your applications, please visit the htmLawed web-site:

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