PHP Labware source code viewer / Internal utilities | 21 Jan, 2019
Here you can browse files and directories (indicated with a trailing slash, /) inside a root directory specified by the site administrator. A file's size, modification time (in GMT; hover cursor on a time to get the local time) and age will be indicated (on some systems, indicated directory modification times may be incorrect). Files and sub-directories are listed alphabetically and by type. On most browsers if use of Javascript is enabled, it is possible to sort the list by age or size as well -- use the provided links; re-clicking reverses the sort order. Sub-directories can similarly be browsed.

The source code (possibly syntax-highlighted) of certain types of files - txt, css, html, js, php, xml - can be viewed and such files downloaded. Such file items would be shown in a different style in the directory content lists. Other files may possibly, depending on the server configuration, be downloaded (visited) by clicking the links shown on their names.

Depending on the configuration set up by the administrator, some files and directories might not be shown or be inaccessible. Also, files and directories with atypical non-English characters in their names may not be accessible and/or may have their names displayed with strange characters.

If you are trying to access a specific file or directory by manipulating the URL query string, note that the slash (/) character is permitted only in the value for Sl. Sub-strings like '/..' are removed from the query string.

The content shown is generated using the single-file Sourceer PHP software.
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