[Assemble-users] INfo about generating 3D graphics

tridibd at pitt.edu tridibd at pitt.edu
Sat Jun 19 14:00:38 EDT 2010


I have just started playing with this software and I am not well versed
with it. Also, my background is not biology related.

I see that once I generate  a secondary structure of a RNA from a FASTA
file,  I can click on a structural domain and then can generate a 3D model
of that domain that I selected.
So I wanted to generate the 3D model of the entire RNA that I have, not
just a section. I selected the entire 2D model (by doing shift + press the
left mouse button and drag). This selected the entire 2D model and then I
tried to click "generated 3D from 2D". But I don't see anything generated,
though I can see the software is running. Till now, which is about few
hours, I haven't seen anything happening, neither it throws any exception.

I am wondering if I can do this at all for the entire RNA 2D model. If
not, is there any other way ? Or Assemble only 3D structure from pdb files

Any answer to this effect would be greatly appreciated.


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