[Bayallele-users] Hello

Lazaro lecheni@biology.tohoku.ac.jp
Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:30:38 +0900

Hello there,

 I wonder if i am the only member of this list at the moment, but I 
guess that eventually it will increase in members. As a student of 
population genetics, I have followed the development and use of many 
genetic software and applications. However, my knowledge on computer 
programing are quite basic, even in Pascal which I can recall as one of 
the lectures when I was an undergraduate student. Most of other users of 
genetic softwares may be in my position too, we use the softwares and 
can understand the theory and models behind the methods they inplement, 
but generally take the software as is and trust in their performance, as 
they make it easy for us. We have many laboratory hours to tackle. It is 
for this that I ask the developers if they have considered the 
development a windows-based software of  bayallele application.

With best regards,

Tohoku University, Japan