[BiO BB] Call for Papers: NAR Web Software Issue

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Fri Dec 6 17:48:07 EST 2002

Anyone with unpublished web software hosted at Bioinformatics.Org?

>From NAR:

Nucleic Acids Research is planning a special edition devoted to Web
Software, which will be published in July 2003. This will be a companion
to our Annual Database Issue. Manuscripts are sought that describe
computer programs which are accessible through the web and perform
interesting calculations or manipulations on DNA, RNA and protein
sequences and/or three-dimensional structures submitted to them. Such
programs are becoming invaluable resources in the biological sciences,
but many are described only secondarily in other publications or have
never been published and are found by
word-of-mouth or chance.

This special Web Software Issue of NAR will afford authors an
opportunity to describe their programs in a fashion similar to that
available to contributors to the Annual Database Issue. The
Web Software Issue will provide a focal point for users interested in
finding out what is available and links to each resource will be
provided from the NAR web site. This Web Software Issue
of NAR, like the Database Issue, will be freely available online.

Potential authors should contact Dr R. J. Roberts (roberts at neb.com) as
soon as possible to determine the relevancy of any proposed submission.
The final deadline for receipt of manuscripts
will be February 15, 2003, although earlier submission would be
welcomed. Instructions for manuscript preparation can be found on the
NAR web site (http://nar.oupjournals.org/).

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