[BiO BB] Re: Bioinformatics Project

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jul 27 15:26:49 EDT 2003

Great!, and thanks for the responses!

I hope you don't mind, but I have opened
this up to the BB for discussion.

I have worked on and with MS bioinfo projects
before, so I have some idea of what is required /
what can be reasonably acheived. In this case I
doubt the same kind of close collaboration will
be possible, where our unit was able to fund students.

I know what you meen about getting 'outside ideas',
the broader your input the better in all fields
I guess. I think it is definatly worth while in
the bioinfo community, as this area of science
more closly resembles the sofware engineering 
community than most. 

I think the best way to procede is to make the
projects clearly open source, so ideas, progress and
results can be made available to the community.

I guess this would work well within the framework of
bioinformatics.org, but I have no practical experience
of setting up / running open source projects! I.E. I
have no clue what kind of admin this involves / where
responsibility lies etc.

I imagine this should not be too much of a problem if
you and other students are willing to work togeher to
get the projects off the ground within this framework
(maby including university admin where you are?).

I will prepare a list of projects which I think are
reasonable, and then I guess we should initiate
some kind of open discussion on the relevance / 
previous work in the area / statement of aims and 
objectives / etc. 

Is this kind of forum available at bioinfo.org?

I would really like to see an open forum for 'modular'
project discussion, where people can add relevant
papers / link / etc. to form a knowledge base for 
further work.

Anyway, I will first have to run the list by the 
people in my lab to be sure that they are happy
having these ideas made open (as I have a terrible
habbit of jumping on good ideas which are not my own!).

I will look forward to further comments / suggestions.

P.S. do you have a time frame for project selection, as
I could send one-at-a-time if that would help?

Thanks very much for your idea, 

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 jccostel at indiana.edu wrote:

> Dan,
> I read your post saying you have lots of projects.  I would be interested in a 
> project if it were something that I could use as my Master's Capstone Project 
> (I am currently working towards my Master's degree in Bioinformatics).  I am  
> also interested in seeing what other people are working on outside of 
> Bloomington Indiana (Indiana University).  There are very interesting projects 
> and research going on at Indiana University, but it is also a pretty small and 
> often secluded community.  It would be nice to get a different perspective on 
> Bioinformatics and possible work with people, again, outside of Bloomington 
> Indiana.  Also, I know there will be other students looking for ideas for their 
> Master's project and I could pass the project information on to them, if you 
> would like.  I am not sure how you would like to proceed, but please email me 
> back with any input. 
> Thanks,
> Jim Costello

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