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Derek Pyper derek at biotechrecruiter.org
Wed Sep 3 12:43:06 EDT 2003

Hi All,


I am working on positions for extraordinarily gifted computational
chemists and other computational scientists that are sought to join a
rapidly growing New York-based research group that is pursuing an
ambitious, long-term strategy aimed at fundamentally transforming the
process of drug discovery.


Candidates should have world-class credentials in computational
chemistry, biology, or physics, or in a relevant area of computer
science or applied mathematics, and must have unusually strong research
and software engineering skills.  Relevant areas of experience might
include the computation of protein-ligand binding free energies,
molecular dynamics and/or Monte Carlo simulations of biomolecular
systems, application of statistical mechanics to biomolecular systems,
free energy perturbation methods, and methods for speeding up evaluation
of electrostatic energies -- but specific knowledge of any of these
areas is less critical than exceptional intellectual ability and a
demonstrated track record of achievement.  Current areas of interest
within the group include the prediction of protein structures and
binding free energies, structure- and ligand-based drug design, de novo
ligand design algorithms, and the development of special-purpose
hardware to accelerate computational chemistry simulations.


This research effort is being financed by a confidential investment and
technology development firm with approximately $5 billion in aggregate
capital.  The project was initiated by the firm's founder, and operates
under his direct scientific leadership.  


We are eager to add both senior- and junior-level members to our
world-class team, and are prepared to offer above-market compensation to
candidates of truly exceptional ability. Please send your CV to
derek at biotech-recruiters.com


Please send:

-your resume (including list of publications, thesis topic, and advisor,
if applicable),
-history of academic performance (including GPAs as well as SAT, GRE,
and other standardized test scores),
-salary requirement
-relocation considerations (if any)
-your work authorization (h1B, etc)

Warm Regards, 



Derek Pyper

Biotech Recruiters International, Inc.


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