[BiO BB] Queries regarding the certificate course in bioinformatics

Jyoti Kapoor psijyoti at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 14:06:17 EDT 2003

I am an Oracle database developer but have been looking for a job since quite some now but in vain. Hence, I have been thinking about changing my career-path. I am considering getting into bioinformatics or biotechnology and need some help with a few queries:
1. which is a better career option - bioinformatics or biotechnology?
2. what type of career options are available for each of the above fields?
3. what kind of companies recruit biotech. or bioinfo. professionals?
4. considering the downward trend in the economy,what is the job oppurtunity in the bay area if I take either the bioinformatics or the biotechnology certificate course?
5. Will a certificate course with my background help me get a job (in the bay area)?
6. what is the salary range for an entry level bioinformatics/biotech. professional?
Thanks in advance for all your time.


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