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I don't believe the reverse complement idea will work, because these two 
sequences are reversed, but not complements. What you could do is use a 
script to complement them, then run Blast with reverse complement 
switched on.

Tanney, Austin wrote:

> Run BLAST ensuring that you use the "reverse complement" BLAST. I am pretty sure most versions of BLAST have this
> If you are just interested in BLASTing two sequences specifically against one another use this
> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast/bl2seq/bl2.html
> Cheers
> Austin
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>>Which similarity search program will align reverse repeats in 
>>the genome?
>>For example, if I have 2 sequences, 
>>>Seq A
>>>Seq B
>>Seq A and Seq B are reverse repeats to each other. 
>>BLAST does not align A and B. 
>>I can manipulate the sequences by reversing one seq and then 
>>align, but I'd
>>like to know whether there is a program that align A and B 
>>without extra
>>sequence manipulation. Any information is appreciated.
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