[BiO BB] CFP: Submission deadline for BIOT-04 is June

J Kalita kalita at pikespeak.uccs.edu
Mon Jun 7 21:07:07 EDT 2004

First Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Symposium: A Community and Academic

Colorado Springs, Colorado
September 24, 2004

URL: http://bioinfo.uccs.edu

You are invited to participate in the 2004 First Biotechnology and
Bioinformatics Symposium: A Community and Academic Forum (BIOT-04).

The symposium's objective is to showcase research and development
activities in:
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, and
and to promote future interdisciplinary activity and research in these
areas. Abstracts and papers are solicited in these two areas, broadly
interpreted. Efforts that attempt to solve biology-based problems using
computational, mathematical, engineering and other means are suitable. In
addition, abstracts and papers dealing with community impacts of
Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biotechnology are  appropriate.
Thus, abstracts and papers in areas such as technology transfer, legal,
business, and social impact issues are also invited.

BIOT-04 will accept abstracts and papers  for either podium presentation
or poster presentation. All submissions of abstracts and papers, whether
for podium or poster presentation, will be reviewed. A printed preceedings
will be published containing all  accepted abstracts and papers.

At least one author must be registered in BIOT-04 for an abstract or a
paper to be included in the proceedings. The symposium will be held on
September 24, 2004 in Colorado Springs. It is expected that the 2004
symposium is the first of a series of such symposia.

Partial list of Topics : Analysis of complex biological systems,
Artificial or synthetic biological systems, Bioenergetics, Biomedical
research,  Biotechnology, Cellular function, Commercial applications of
biotechnology and bioinformatics, Comparative genomics,  Data mining,
Databases, Evolution models, Functional genomics, Genetics, Genomics, High
content analysis,  High performance computing, Industrial applications of
biotechnolgy and bioinformatics, Legal impacts of biotechnology and
bioinformatics, Mathematical and computational models of cellular systems,
Mathematical models of biophysical processes, Mathematical physiology,
Microarray analysis, Molecular function, Molecular sequence and structure,
Neural circuits modeling, Pathways, Pattern recognition, Phylogenetics,
Physiology, Population biology, Promoter analysis and discovery, Protein
structure and analysis, RNAi analysis, Sequence alignments, SNPs, Social
impacts of bioinformatics and biotechnology, Systems biology, Technology
transfer, Theoretical and mathematical biology, Venture capital for
biotechnolgy and bioinformatics industry, Visualization.

Hosted by: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (719 262 3432 & 719
262 3256)
Colorado Institute for Technology Transfer and Implementation (CITTI) (719
 262 3686)

Location: Penrose House
1661 Mesa Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4201

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