[BiO BB] 3Dsig Structural Bioinformatics Meeting, 90+ Abstracts now online + Late abstracts still accepted http://3Dsig.weizmann.ac.il/

3Dsig 3Dsig at weizmann.ac.il
Sun Jun 27 04:31:21 EDT 2004

Dear Colleague,
We would like to inform you that the 3Dsig Structural Bioinformatics Meeting (July 29-30 July 2004, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, part of the ISMB/ECCB Bioinformatics Conference) has opened all abstract material to the public. Whether you decide to come or not, you may want to view the online abstracts: http://3dsig.weizmann.ac.il/3dsig/2004/abstracts.html
3Dsig will have a novel laptop session where authors will be at their numbered stations with their laptops describing their work. The idea is to offer a semi-formal, yet intimate channel during 3Dsig to facilitate discussion of individual research.
Abstracts are still accepted till June 30th. As the organization of the 3 panel discussions will be conducted in the upcoming days, you may want to send such an abstract quickly.
Topics include: 3D data-mining; 3D programming modules; docking and protein-protein/ligand interaction prediction; membrane protein assembly prediction; secondary structure and domain assignment; structure-based function prediction; structural databases; structural genomics; structure prediction; structure representation; the role of geometry and energetics in protein structure and function
Last, sponsors are still welcomed - see online information.
Looking forward to meeting you at 3Dsig,
3Dsig organizing committee

3Dsig at weizmann.ac.il
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