[BiO BB] Numerical libraries

Svensson, B.A.T. (HKG) B.A.T.Svensson at lumc.nl
Mon Mar 29 15:40:16 EST 2004

A google search with "numerical libraries C high performance" 
gave the two first hits as:

Java: http://hoschek.home.cern.ch/hoschek/colt/
C/Fortran: http://www.nag.com/numeric/numerical_libraries.asp 

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From: Nidhi Jain
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Subject: [BiO BB] Numerical libraries


I am working with a software company which is building the platform for
bioinformatics. I was wondering if there are good, high performance
numerical libraries like LAPACK available on the desktop.

I will really appreciate sharing this knowledge with me.


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