[BiO BB] Survey researching usability of Bio Databases

Zoe Raja utabiodb at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 12:35:06 EDT 2005

Hello all, 

  I am researching usability of Bio Databases for my Master's Thesis and would
like researchers to contribute their insights via my survey and/or telephone

  If you have used Biological Databases such as SWISS-PROT, PDB,
GENBANK, EMBL or others, please contribute your insights and opinions
about how those
databases were able to help you in your research, and more importantly what
limitations or frustration did you encounter when using them?

 A downloadable survey is available here:
It will only take a few moments
to complete, when you are done email it to me at: UTABioDB at gmail.com

    I am also planning to include interviews in my study, if you or someone you
 know would like to discuss your experience with and how Biological Databases
 could be improved I can telephone you or, if you prefer send a detailed
 written reply. Researchers both in and outside the USA are welcome. For
 your privacy, your name and institution will not be included in the thesis
 unless you specifically request it.


  UTABioDB at gmail.com

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