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Thu Jul 7 16:28:33 EDT 2005

To Those Interested In Mechanistically How A Messenger Chemical Group or  Energy State Is Encoded Into Information In Biological Systems (i.e., Viruses, Whole Cells, and Multicellular Organisms):

After over 40 years of systems-biology research on the unifying dynamic qualitative and quantitative mechanistic means of the transduction of messenger chemical groups and energy states into information in biological systems, the scientists at Unifinium Ltd have solidly confirmed repeatedly in peer-reviewed published papers that the unifying mechanism is Thiol (-SH) / Disulfide (-S-S-) Exchange Protein Biophysics.  The necessary unifying messenger (UM) is sulfur exchange (electro) chemistry; and -SH, its derivatives, and its redox couple, i.e., -S-S-, are the specific means by which the UM is used to create the qualitative and quantitative bioinformation. Our pertinent original research findings were first published in "Nature" in 1969; "Science" 1970; "Experientia" 1971; etc., "Nature" in 1973, & 1975; etc.; "Bioelectrochem. Bioenerget.", in 1985; "J Chem Ecol", in 1988; a chapter in the book "Functional Dynamics of Phytophagous Insects", edited by Ananthakrishnan, published by Oxford & IBH Publishing, New Delhi, 1994; and reviewed extensively in a chapter in the book, "Predators and Parasitoids" , edited by Koul and Dhaliwal, published by Taylor & Francis, London, in 2003.
A review recently was rejected by "Antioxidant & Redox Signaling" especially because it was "Too Broad". Our research has been broad in scope, and it is very broadly pertinent and valid. Have a read; it will not be a waste of time for those who are really interested in energy transduction into bioinformation in whole biological systems. dmn.

P.S. If our research does not deal with bioinformatics, then we do not mind the "misfit".
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