[BiO BB] Looking for research assistanceship in Bioinformatics

Sudhindra.Gadagkar at notes.udayton.edu Sudhindra.Gadagkar at notes.udayton.edu
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Hello Debashri,

What is the lack of funding for?  To pay your living expenses as an RA or 
to fund research in your lab?  I am assuming you want to pursue a graduate 
degree.  In our university, all graduate students have the opportunity to 
meet reasonable living expenses by means of a TA-ship.  Please have a look 
at my website below (that needs some updating) and if you find the kind of 
research I do interesting, send me your resume and we can then talk. 

Let me know

Dr. Gadagkar

Sudhindra R. Gadagkar, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-2320

Ph: (937) 229-2410
Fax: (937) 229-2021
Email: gadagkar at notes.udayton.edu

Web: http://academic.udayton.edu/sudhindraGadagkar/

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[BiO BB] Looking for research assistanceship in Bioinformatics

Hello Everybody,
I am an International student, doing MS in Wichita State University,
KS. I have started working in a bioinformatics lab in my university,
but the problem is that there is no funding in my university. I am
looking for somewhere in USA where I can get funding in this subject
for the fall ' 05 session or the spring ' 06  session at least.
Please reply , if you have any such information in this matter.
Debarshi Roy
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