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Thanks for the information.

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>Subject: Re: [BiO BB] random sequences
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>Python can do this with about 5 lines if you don't have a polynomial
>distribution and about 8 if you do. Download and install python and run 
>program (you will need to consult the manual to figure out how to run 
>programs--pretty easy though). Work through the "hello world" example to 
>started, then run the following program.
>from random import choice
>seq_len = 100
>choices = ("A","T","G","C")
>the_seq = ""
>for abase in xrange(seq_len):
>   the_seq += choice(choices)
>print the_seq
>If you have polynomial distributions, its a little more complicated
>On Monday 14 March 2005 10:46 am, Seema Trivedi wrote:
> > Dr. Boris Steipe,
> > I will be highly obliged if you could kindly let me know if there are 
> > softwares which I can use for generation of random sequences of
> > nucleotides. I need to do this with large sequences. Thank you
> > Sorry for the trouble,
> > seema
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