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debarshi roy vetdebarshi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 13:26:41 EST 2005

Hi Dr.Jhang,
At present I am doing classes on Biostatistics, could you specify the
most Important parts of Biostat or software thats important in
nrespect of Bioinformatics? Presently I am using SAS.
and what are the things in Algorithm development?Are you mentioning
the Algebra or Calculas parts of mathematics?
Thanks for your suggestion.,
Debarshi Roy.

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:05:19 -0800, Hongyu Zhang <forward at hongyu.org> wrote:
> > The -m flag is cosmetic. The alignments you see are still  pairwise
> > alignments to the query sequence, not a multiple alignment. -m 1
> Iddo, I agree to most of your points, however, since PSI-BLAST uses
> the PSSM (Position Specific Score Matrix), I would argue that the
> final alignment contains more than just a pair-wise alignment. PSSM
> is built upon the multiple sequences aligned in the previous round of
> iterations.
> > Could you please help me by providing with some basic informations?
> > I would like to know aboput the prerequisite knowledge for
> > Bioinformatics research What are computer programming language
> > which
> > are of most importance?
> > and what are the lab techniques needed ?
> Hi Deharshi. C/C++, Java and Perl are most important languages in
> bioinformatics. C/C++ is more popular on speed sensitive
> applications, while Java and Perl are more popular on database and
> web related applications. C# is also catching up recently. In
> addition to computer languages, you should take some classes on
> algorithm development and statistics, which will make you more than
> just a bioinformatics programmer.
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