[BiO BB] Call for Papers and Participation: Int. Workshop on "BioImage Data Mining and Informatics", Stanford, CA, Aug 12, 2005. in conjuction with CSB 2005

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Sat Mar 19 19:47:23 EST 2005

International Workshop on
"BioImage Data Mining and Informatics"
Call for Papers and Participation

Stanford, CA ¨C August 12, 2005

Sponsored by IEEE Technical Committee on Bioinformatics

Papers are solicited for a workshop on bioimage data mining and image
analysis to solve bioinformatics and biomedicine problems. This
workshop is in conjunction with CSB2005, the IEEE Computational Systems
Bioinformatics conference, Stanford, CA, Aug. 8¨C12, 2005.

With the development of advanced imaging techniques, the number of
biological images (e.g. cellular and molecular images, as well as
medical images) acquired in digital forms is growing rapidly.
Large-scale bioimage databases are becoming available. Analyzing these
images sheds new light for biologists to seek answers to many
biological problems. For example, analysis of the spatial distribution
of proteins in molecular images can differentiate cancer cell
phenotypes. Comparison of in situ gene expression pattern images during
embryogenesis helps to delineate the underlying gene networks. Image
analysis related techniques (e.g. wavelet) have also been found useful
in bioinformatics problems such as sequence analysis. The potential of
mining the information in bioimages to answer biological questions is
enormous and it cries for advanced techniques of bioimage data mining
and informatics.

As a prompt response to this call, the goal of this workshop is to
bring together interdisciplinary researchers to identify problems and
present answers to bioimage data mining and informatics using cutting
edge image data analysis, computer vision, data mining, machine
learning, and informatics methods. Papers addressing issues of data
mining and informatics, related to bioimages, are welcome.

Appropriate topics include but are not limited to:

    * Acquisition of cellular, molecular and other bioimages; novel
bioimaging techniques; novel bioimage data
    * Bioimage feature measurement, description, extraction, and
    * Bioimage registration and comparison
    * Object segmentation and tracking in bioimages
    * Clustering/classification of bioimages or patterns derived from
    * Object/pattern recognition and understanding in bioimages
    * Bioimage ontology and related data mining
    * Bioimage data visualization
    * Other bioimaging related techniques, including transmission,
compression, storage, database, etc.
    * Tools/software for bioimage data processing and data mining
    * Bioimage related biology, bioinformatics, and biomedicine
applications, e.g. 3D protein structure reconstruction, protein
structure analysis and prediction, gene regulatory network/pathway
modeling, etc.
    * Microarray image analysis and data mining
    * Joint analysis using both bioimages and other data (e.g.
sequences, microarray, protein interaction, etc.)
    * Other bioinformatics problems where image pattern analysis,
signal processing, and computer vision methods can be applied. 

Extended abstracts of 4 to 6 pages in length, or full papers, should be
emailed to Dr. Fuhui Long (flong at lbl.gov) and Dr. Hanchuan Peng
(hpeng at lbl.gov) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
University of California, Berkeley, no later than April 17, 2005. The
abstracts and papers will be peer-reviewed. Accepted papers will be
included in the conference Proceedings of the IEEE CSB 2005 published
by IEEE Computer Society Press. The final versions of accepted papers
are limited to 10 pages in IEEE conference format (will be emailed to
the respective authors).

Talk proposals with a short abstract, but without full papers, are also
welcome. These abstracts will be included in the workshop program as

Important dates for paper submissions:

    * April 17, 2005 -  extended abstract due
    * April 30, 2005 - notification of acceptance/rejection
    * May 22, 2005 - final paper/abstract due

Questions should be sent to the workshop organizers at flong at lbl.gov
and hpeng at lbl.gov.

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