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Sun May 1 20:17:39 EDT 2005

We are now calling for abstracts for the following conference:
www.BioSysBio.com  - Conference in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Chancellors Building, New Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, UK
July 14th & 15th 2005, Free registration.

BioSysBio 2005 is a conference designed to bring together people in
bioinformatics and systems biology to meet and exchange ideas at the
cutting edge of biotechnology. The conference will give an opportunity
for postgraduate students and post-docs from across Europe to present
their work, and will feature a number of excellent keynote speakers.

The meeting will take place in the new Medical School facilities at
the New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, provided with the support of the
Scottish Centre for Genomic Technology and Informatics. We look
forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh.

Speakers and session chairs

Prof Igor Goryanin - Edinburgh Centre For Bioinformatics
Author of DBSolve and previous head of the Cell simulations and
Pathway modelling group at GlaxoSmithKline, Igor recently joined
Edinburgh University as the Director of the Edinburgh Centre for
Bioinformatics. At GSK his group worked on designing anti-microbial
drug target identification, target prioritisation and reconstructing
cellular networks for cancer and metabolic disorders.

Dr Nicholas Luscombe - European Bioinformatics Institute
After a PhD at UCL with Janet Thornton, Nick went on to do a post-doc
at Yale. His most recent project examined the dynamic usage of the
yeast regulatory network under distinct cellular conditions. He has
since returned from the USA and is leading a new group of researchers
at the European Bioinformatics Institute.

Prof Andrew J Millar - Biological Sciences, Edinburgh University
Andrew trained as a molecular geneticist at Cambridge and Rockefeller
Universities and has recently been appointed to a chair of Systems
Biology at Edinburgh University. He is the co-ordinator of the Genomic
Arabidopsis Resource Network (GARNet) and a member of the
Interdisciplinary Programme for Cellular Regulation (IPCR), based at
Warwick University. His group works on the circadian clock in the
model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana.

We are calling for abstracts in the following 4 areas:

#  Bioinformatics
Novel Applications, Genetic Variation, Comparative Genomics, Gene
Expression and Regulation, Microarray Data Analysis , Gene Regulatory
Networks, Biological Databases, Text and Data mining, Proteomics,
Algorithm Development (e.g Sequence Alignment), Protein Structures,
Open Source Bio-Projects, Visualization of Biological Processes and
Data, Ontologies.

# Computational Systems Biology
Modelling and Simulation of Biological Processes, Pathways, Networks,
Pipelines, Mathematical and Quantitative Models of Cellular and
Multicellular Systems, Statistical Modelling of Biological Data,
Prediction and Validation.

# Data Generation for Systems Biology (Wet-lab)
Genome, Transcriptome, Proteome, Metabalome, Functional Genomics,
MicroRNA and RNAi, Evolution and Molecular Phylogenetics, Complexes,
Population studies.

# Integrative Biology
Protein-Protein interactions, Human genetics variability, Biomedical
Applications, SNP analysis, Non-Silicon Computation, DNA computing,
Synthetic Biological Systems, High Performance Bio-computing.

Please check the website www.BioSysBio.com for more details

John Cumbers - MSc Bioinformatics, Postgraduate Student
Edinburgh University  UK  +44(0)7916 327422

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