[BiO BB] PGBIOINF The FCUL/IGC Post Graduate Programme in Bioinformatics

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Mon May 16 11:50:18 EDT 2005

PGBIOINF The FCUL/IGC Post Graduate Programme in Bioinformatics
Deadline for the call for applications for the 4th edition starting in September 2005:

                               June 15th 2005

Key features of PGBIOINF
•Students of mixed nationalities –teaching in English
•Students of two main profiles, BIO and INFO, brought to the level of being able to attend intensive seminars in 15 weeks
•Series of 14 intensive thematic seminars in the next 15 weeks
•Courses fully taught and documented in English
•Marks standarized in ECTS to ensure mobility
•Small number of students: individual attention
•Problem driven teaching methods
•Literature based presentations and discussions by the students (Journal Clubs).


PGBIOINF –total duration: 30 weeks, 60 ECTS

Part A
(Minimum of 30 ECTS)
All courses are mandatory
Lectures, Lab Practicals

-For ALL students
Introduction to Bioinformatics 60h
Biostatistics 60h
Machine Learning in Biology 30h
Introd. to Evolutionary Biology 30h

-For students of the BIO profile
Program Development 60h
Intro to Databases 45h

-For students of the INFO profile
Molecular Genetics 30h
Genetic Engineering 30h
Biomolecules Structure & Function 30h
Chem. and Biochem. Lab. 15h


Part B (Minimum of 30 ECTS)
Mandatory & optional seminars 35h each
Lectures, Lab Practicals, Journal Clubs

Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics
Biologically Inspired Algorithms
Data Warehousing and Mining
Protein Str& Fun Prediction
Funct& Comparative Genomics
Gene Prediction & Identification
Limits & Expectations in Bioinformatics
Gene Ontology

Population Genetics
Phylogenetics and Molecular Evolution
Population Dynamics and Epidemiology
Proteomics, Transcript & Metabolomics
Genetic Expression and Microarrays
Quantitative Human Genetics

For details including information for new applicants visit

Pedro Fernandes

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