[BiO BB] NCBI-toolbox. From where should I start? RPS-profile

Magda Mansour magda_mansour at yahoo.fr
Tue May 31 09:08:00 EDT 2005


I am trying to work with the NCBI toolbox. I started
using the NCBI-C++, but I was told that using the
NCBI-C is more stable for an initial use. 

So I switched to NCBI-C. But I don't know from where
should I start. In many pages, it talks about starting
with the demo, should I create a new makefile in this
folder...??  Creating my own makefile seems to be
quite complicated because of the huge number of
imbrications in the files.

I had also another question. How can I get the chosen
profiles from RPS-BLAST?

Thank you for your help, 
Magda Mansour


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